2021 Harvest Experience
Program of the visit
Half day + Lunch

Dear friends, Dear wine lovers,

Have you ever dreamed about stepping into the shoes of a vine-grower for a day and explore the fascination of winemaking.

Harvest is the climax of a year of hard work in the vineyards, where it all begins. Months spent pruning, training, trimming, tilling. and caring. Months spent watching the sky, praying for rain or sun, and navigating the growing season.  

Harvesting is the art of capturing the bounty of the crop, protecting those months of diligent labor. We invite you to play a role in the 2021 harvest with Jean-Luc, vineyard manager at Château de la Crée.

"This vintage has involved a lot of action in the vineyards. Going out on April nights to protect the vines from frost, non-stop work in the spring to keep back the fast vegetative growth of the vines stimulated by heavy rainfalls.

We had to wait until the end of August to get some kinder weather. Since then, the conditions in the vineyards have much improved and the grapes are ripening nicely, taking us towards a harvest kick-off in mid-September."

Harvesting is the first act of vinification....
Join Château de la Crée team for the:
the 2021 Harvest experience
On Saturday 25 September

We meet at the Château at 9:00 am for coffee and croissants, before joining the harvesting team in the vineyards. 

Following a briefing by Jean Luc, our vineyard manager, sheer in hands, you will begin picking the grapes. Of course, we will be with you during the entire experience to guide you and answer your questions. 

We will be back at Château de la Crée late in the morning for a wine tasting, including four wines of our 2018 vintage as pre-release. 

The tasting will be followed by a "lunch Vigneron" in the clos of the Château. 

You can enjoy priority booking up to September 13th for the price of 125€, including lunch and tasting. The number of participants is limited to 16 people, so book well in advance to secure your seats.

Please note that a passe-sanitaire (Covid certificate or health pass)* is required for this experience.


*For further information, see https://www.welcometofrance.com/en/je-suis-actuellement-en-france or visit the website of your French Embassy


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